Millennium, a giant laser mapping show, a true technical feat and a world premiere, designed to make this moment unforgettable.
To tell 1,000 years of history and introduce the Saint-Jacques de Liège collegiate church through its architectural richness, Luc PETIT and Michel TEHEUX have imagined a grandiose and hyper-visual heritage opera.
During this show, the public was able to let themselves be guided by a mischievous little monkey, escaped from the medieval stalls. By following her aerial dances in the choir and along the nave, the eyes were able to capture all the beauty of the building.
Monumental laser projections, for their part, made it possible to draw and highlight unsuspected architectural details. And if the impressive special effects gave a very contemporary tone to the show, the organ music and the poetry offered by a mysterious master of ceremonies added magic to this original creation.
Thanks to this new lighting concept, Millénium brought together young and old in a place steeped in history and open to the future.