A new show by Luc PETIT on July 6th at 10 PM for the Blast Furnaces Festival in Luxembourg!

For the 2024 edition of the Fête des Hauts Fourneaux organized by Fonds Belval, Luc Petit and Gilbert Artman from Urban Sax invite you to take part in an evening of grandeur measured on the grand scale of the Hauts Fourneaux site.

On July 6th, the show Metal Sonore aims to take the square, the roofs, the walls, and the road hostage, giving them light and splendor for one night!

A show that evokes the fusion of genres, metal, steel, and the arts. A grand event that combines performance, staging, lights, and pyrotechnics.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable atmosphere at the heart of industrial heritage and let yourself be charmed and surprised by dazzling artistic performances and fun, educational children’s activities.

Discover within a single multidisciplinary show, unique in its kind, the iconic urban musical company – Urban Sax – and international companies of multiple talents: La Salamandre – Fire Artists, Porté Par Le Vent – Flying Elements, Compagnie Danka – Aerial Artists, WindBallet – Unique Wind Installation.