Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are flying to Château de Beloeil this summer!
This summer, Luc Petit and the non-profit association Les Nocturnales invite you to the Château de Beloeil estate for a fabulous journey to the heart of Peter Pan’s Imaginary Land!
Who better than this mischievous hero who doesn’t want to grow up, to lead you into a prodigious magical adventure? You will come across a fierce Indian tribe, foil the traps of the terrible Captain Hook and his pirates and laugh at the mischievous mischief of the lost children…
A moment out of time, as if sprinkled with grains of magical dust from Tinker Bell and enhanced by an enchanting staging, signed Luc Petit.

This year again, the creator of Nocturnales, Little Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio, brought together in the gardens and around the ponds of the sumptuous Beloeil park, a whole joyful troupe: actors in colorful costumes, tightrope walkers defying gravity, acrobats of all kinds hair, aerial dancers and fire jugglers… Their burlesque pirouettes, dizzying acrobatics, musical notes and astonishing pyrotechnic effects will amaze young and old and light up the sky with shooting stars!
In the time of a dream come true, find your inner child and follow the shadow of Peter Pan before it escapes…