By following the journey of emblematic characters and thanks to the participation of more than 120 Kgurants, the 30,000 spectators present during the evening were able to immerse themselves in the Battle of the Ardennes. From the hell of that winter of 44-45 to the Cold War and until the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Pictures of fire and light made Mardasson Xamboyer while snow swirled above the audience. Before him played out the crossed stories of two soldiers, American and German, a nurse and a little girl, thus giving a human approach to this battle, however cruel.
This show entitled “Les Routes de Liberté” then gave way to hope during poetic scenes, mixing dance and aerial ballets, before offering a masterful finale bringing together all the clans and symbolizing the union of peoples and that of the ‘Europe.
Images to remember.
Words to understand.
A living and monumental fresco to never forget.