And the man created the @amme, the one that made the Château de Beloeil shine with more than a thousand lights, the time of the enchantments orchestrated by Luc PETIT!
On August 18, actors and magicians pointed their rainbows to shoot their thousand and one arrows, in a baroque ambience of tricks, juggling and phantasmagoria…
Realer-than-life settings and more than a hundred actors, dancers and artists!
A sumptuous setting, theater of a 360° show in the air, on the waters, before your eyes, under the Milky Way!
And the surprise of an impromptu meeting with Gérald Watelet, enthusiastic sponsor of the event, a must of the summer.
Cascading fencing, country ballets, acrobatics defying Neptune, puppets, fantasies and pantomimes, aerial magic, equestrian shows, choreographed bestiary, choirs under the stars, luminous fantasies, dances in the moonlight and to continue in style, a night program with a DJ show that set the stars on fire!