Although he is known and recognized worldwide, Luc Petit does not forget that his roots are in Tournaisis. This love for our region, the director and creator of shows shares it with us in our summer column called “I’m Wapi”. Three questions are asked each week to our guests: they concern the place in Picardy Wallonia where they feel good, the work of art or the monument in Picardy Wallonia that they like and which they wish to highlight. honor and finally the personality, living or dead, that they appreciate for their contribution to Picardy Wallonia.

Luc Petit is in the spotlight this week: it is in fact this Saturday July 31 that the performances of his show “Little Red Riding Hood” begin. Until August 15, three strolls per evening are scheduled in the sumptuous park of the Château de Beloeil.

This is not the first time that the Tournaisian has staged shows at this location. By reading his answers below you will understand why!

1. The place in Wapi where you feel good?

“The castle of Beloeil! I have known it well and for a very long time because my family is from Leuze and my aunt took care of the orangery in the past. When I was a child, it was a must during the summer. It must be said that at the time, the park of the Château de Beloeil was the flagship tourist attraction of the region. Today it’s a little less the case. This is the reason why I am trying to put Beloeil back on the tourist map, to attract people again to these magnificent gardens.

We forget it too often, but Beloeil Castle is one of the largest in Wallonia and even in Belgium. The park, with its large pond, recalls the architecture of Versailles. Many castles do not have this impressive length of gardens! What makes the park so charming is also this succession of gardens which are gradually discovered along the promenade. I also find it important to put these rooms of greenery back into the light through my shows. And then, the view of the pool is simply magnificent! »

2. The work or monument that you particularly like?

“The tapestry museum of which my mother, Claudine Mol, was curator. I think this museum deserves to be better known. Tournaisian tapestries are of great value, we find them all over the world, without necessarily knowing them.

In terms of tourism, Picardy Wallonia has many advantages but the problem throughout the region is accommodation. There are not enough hotels, lodges, etc. and this slows down visitors. People often point this out to me! There is therefore development work to be done on this side.”

3. The personality of Picardy Wallonia that you particularly appreciate?

“Bruno Coppens with whom I am working on a major project which should be released in two years. We adapt the animal carnival. It was he who came to see me offering me this collaboration. This show, which will be performed in Liège first and undoubtedly in other venues later, will be carried out with the Liège philharmonic orchestra and the Walloon chamber orchestra. I really like Bruno Coppens, he does a lot of things. With Jean-Louis Godet, we form a trio.”

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